Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cara starts guitar

Cara has bought herself an electric

guitar. She's very pleased with herself. Weekly lessons with 'Nicos'

(aka Dewey Finn, School of Rock) should be lots of fun! Stick it to the Man!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

End of the year 2010

The last 2 months of the year just flew by. It felt like summer for most of it. Ronan & Cara went on Cub & Scout camp on the last weekend in November. Ronan went cycling and kayaking that weekend, Cara went horse riding and scuba diving. They both had a fantastic time.

Granny & Grandad Johnson came to visit in December and stayed with us over Solstice. They left on the 29th Dec - back to the snow and freezing temperatures in Scotland.
The boys managed to go swimming in the sea on 1st January 2011, then.... winter arrived in
Cyprus - rain, thunderstorms and wind. Brr...
October 2010

Went swimming and diving near Protaras with Nana & Grandad.

Grandad dives in.

Ronan jumps off the top (taken through the keyhole!)

Cara jumps in.

Sam enjoying some 'air time'.

Sean went to Gibraltar to join with some other old booties to run up the Rock carrying stretchers to raise money for Help for Heroes. The McKinstrys came to visit and we spent a lovely day at Governors Beach with them. The Foley kids took part in the Larnaka Run and the Scouts Swimathon. And after a brief short life, little Taco (Ronan's hamster) died.

September 2010

September brought a blessed drop in temperatures. Cara turned 10 years old, we went to the waterpark with friends, and Nana & Grandad Foley came to visit for two weeks. Nana had a birthday while she was here.

Update time!!

Here's a rundown of the last few months in Cyprus....

August 2010

Taking advantage of the cool of the sea to escape the heat and humidity. We discovered a lovely spot near Ayia Napa for jumping in and snorkelling. We didn't find a lot of fish to look at until we discovered that the 'Yellow Submarine' tourist attraction comes to this point at 11am every day to feed the fish. If you are snorkelling in the water at the same time, you get to see hundreds of fish! The kids had lots of fun diving under the water among the shoals and waving to the people looking out of the porthole windows in the submarine. They found that if they took a big enough breath, they could actually dive down far enough to go right under the submarine. We found another good bit for jumping off - the arch of rock just east of Ayia Napa. Only for the braver among us!