Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oh no, neglected again!

Oh dear, it's July and I see my last post was April!! Then again, I don't really know if anyone is reading this blog any more - if you are, please leave a comment every now and again to encourage me to write more!!

SO........ a quick run down. Since April, we have moved house. We said goodbye to sleepy Cypriot Mazotos and moved to Oroklini on the other side of Larnaca. Oroklini is a considerably non-sleepy village, compared to Mazotos anyway, and we needed some time to adjust to the noise of people and traffic (those darn scooters!) instead of sheep and dogs!! Overall, we like it. We are closer now to activities, the beach, Sean's clients, Scouts & Cubs and..... English speaking people!

Mum & Dad came to visit in May, and it was so good to see them. We walked in Troodos mountains where we dipped our feet in the cool water, visited Cape Greko where Grandad's sandals were torn to shreds on the unforgiving rocks, ate Cornish pasties (!) in Ayia Napa, visited Dhekelia beach, watched a raft race, and ate lots and lots of ice cream. The two weeks just flew by and it was sad to see them go.

At the end of May, Sam had a dream about a hamster called Scribble, and this was his hamster. We searched the pet shops for a Scribble, and eventually found him snuggled up with his brothers and sisters in the back of a pet shop. Sam has been taking good care of Scribble, and we've all been sure to keep him away from Moony as she doesn't need a 'he' friend.

In June, we did some house & dog sitting for some friends in... Mazotos! It was weird to be back there for a week, and we were glad we had moved (phew). We looked after Hannah (a Great Dane).

Also in June, Sean turned 44, woo-hoo another birthday!!

Then at the end of June, Cara had a very sad day. Her beloved hamster, Moony, had been getting slower recently, and then one day, at the end of June, she passed away. Cara was so sad, but glad to have been able to hold her in her hands in her last few moments. Next day, she organised a beautiful burial ceremony on Oroklini Hill as the moon rose into the starry sky. It seemed a fitting way to let go.

In July, Sean made a fleeting trip back to the UK for his Dad's 70th birthday celebration. Of course, he also had a list of things to get - including those disgusting cheesestrings - that can't be found here!

Later in July, 3 new baby hamsters found their way into our lives: Texas (black & white female), Stella (black with white feet female) and Taco (brown & white male) .