Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winter Walking and... Puppies!

Here are some recent pics from a walk we had on Mazotos Beach (nearest to where we live) and our most recent trip to Argos Sanctuary.

We went to walk dogs and groom cats, but there was a new addition to the sanctuary this day..... puppies!

5 tiny puppies had been found abandoned in a
cardboard box, and brought to the sanctuary.

Just the job for the barefoot kids to give them
some love and attention!

Sam turns 7

Sam had his 7th birthday at the end of January. In our house, turning 7 means leaving 'early childhood' - the years from birth to six. Something really seems to happen when a child turns 7 - it's a new era. We had a special ceremony for Sam, where he carries a globe with a tiny model Sam on it seven times around the 'sun' (the candles). As he went round the 'sun', we played a slideshow of photos from his birth, crawling, walking, running, riding a bike... all the up to the age he is now: climbing trees, reading,and swimming in the sea.

This year's cake theme was a knight's
castle, complete with Lego figures etc.